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TAKS Community Art Centre

Today I’m glad to write about the TAKS Community Art Centre, from Gulu, Northern Uganda.
This a great initiative from Africa, that has such a wonderful Mission Statement: To engage the
people of Northern Uganda in the creative Arts so that they can reaffirm the richness of their culture, reassert their humanity, reestablish the value of their education, take pride in themselves and develop the skills which will help them find new options for their lives and eventually employment.
I think that is a very noble project and I visited the Youtube Channel too.
In particular, I appreciated the promotional video, but moreover the idea of sharing personal storytelling about women with a lot of memories to give, like Abwoyo Alice.
From the clip description: Most African people have always been convinced that when it comes to matters of serious brain work, it is only men who can handle them. However, with most traditions and cultures relaxing under the weight of development and enlightenment, w…

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