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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Digital Storytelling and Resistance by Anna Azizzy

Well, this is really something.
I just made a tour on the Anna Azizzy’s Youtube Channel and I thought wow.
If you like experimental and original creations, that is the right place.
In particular, I suggest you to watch last video from her, Digital Storytelling and Resistance.
You know, viral and popular clips often decide trends and imitations, but I always thought that to find interesting stuff you have to be patient and search a lot.
This was one of the reason of this website’s presence.
In this video of her, even if she is not using special effects Dreamworks’ or Marvel’s style, you can see all the effort of a potential, very original artist.
So, I hope other storytelling and resistances will arrive.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Drugventures video journalism over drug use activism and policy

Well, this is very interesting and beautiful.
I worked for many years using theatre and storytelling in communities for drug addicted patients and I think one of the most important thing is to tell the outside world what happens inside those strange and often unkown places.
As a prison is too, like the girl says in this great video, one I found on this Channel/Project.
In my humble opinion, spreading around pieces of life as those, part of our shared society, most of the time hidden in words and images, forbidden stories just to scare the audience of the already scaring TV News, is a noble intention for a storyteller.
Here are other information from the Youtube Channel: This is an on-going video documentary project over drugs, policies surrounding them and the science behind them. My aim to is to upload videos that would work independently, but also, as a whole, create a first person perspective to the world of drugs and drug policies. The project started last April 2016 when I was visiting New York City for the first time in my life to cover events and interviewing experts surrounding the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Issue (UNGASS). I have aimed to always ask permission from people who feature on the footage, but that has not always been possible.
Background of the author: I have two master degrees in social sciences (Sociology&Medical Anthropology) and currently working as a PhD Candidate in Sociology in Finland. Methodologically I´m interested in visual/digital ethnography.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Storyteller Pet

Here we are to talk about another new name inside
the Storytellers for Peace: Janine Cariño, aka Storyteller Pet, from Philippines.
She is a storyteller, a teacher and also an artist.
In the past she was a member of Ambahanon Philippines theatre, the official performing arts group of Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges, a team that transforms "stories" into contemporary movements.
Then she became founding member of the Storybook Project Philippines, that is a self- sustaining movement propelled by volunteerism which envisions to develop a generation of readers sharing the love for reading from early age through storytelling.
She launched another franchise, the Storybook Project Malungon in Malungon Sarangani Province, with 110 student and teacher-volunteers.
She is now working to launch a Storybook Project in Bangkok Thailand in the orphanage, government pediatric wards and open spaces.
Storyteller Pet is also member of the International Storytellers Network.

Youtube Channel:

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Omira Bellizzio

Here we are back with new entries around the Storytellers for Peace, who recently created a new video for the International Day of Peace 2016, Imagine.
Today it is the time of Omira Bellizzio, from Venezuela.
She is a poet, writer, storyteller, reading and creative writing entertainer for children and adolescents.
She has a degree in International Studies and radio speaking from the Central University of Venezuela and a Venezuelan Masters in Literature, University of Carabobo.
She is also an university expert in Reading activities graduate of UNED Spain as a Fellow of the Organization of American States (OAS).
She produces and leads the Radial Mircro Poetapop by University Cultural FM 104.5 station of the University of Carabobo.
She is also member of Red International of Storytellers.

Official website:

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jozé Sabugo

Another new entry inside the Storytellers for Peace.
José António Soares Figueira, aka Jozé Sabugo, is a storyteller, teacher, stage actor and director from Portugal.
He studied at Berthold Brecht Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed with Augusto Boal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Portugal.
He began his career as a professional storyteller in 1995, after creating the project Hora do Conto (Story Time) - animation of books and reading, at Municipal Library of Sintra, in Portugal.
He introduced there for the first time a National Ethnography Congress. One of the tales was counted live for Rádio Renascença.
After studying and doing theater in Brazil, he returns to Portugal and founded the Grupo Acusa Teatro (Group Accuses Theatre).
Since then, he never stopped telling stories, either through oral narration, sometimes by reading in libraries, schools, museums, meetings and festivals.
Besides storytelling, he works regularly in theater as a teacher, producer, programmer, director in the Casa das Cenas - Educação pela Arte (House of scenes - Education through Art), in Sintra.
He is member of the International Storytelling Network.


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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sandra Burmeister G.

Here I am to talk about new entries in the Storytellers for Peace.
Today I present you Sandra Burmeister, from Chile.
She is co-host of the radio program for cultural promotion called "Women" in Radio University of Santiago, Chile (Dial 94.5FM), theatrical pedagogist, actress-narrator, writer and public relations officer.
She graduated with honors at the University of the Pacific in Chile, having been formed earlier in theatrical performance with outstanding teachers at the School of Theatre Patricio Achurra and
Eduardo Mujica.
Later, she deepened in teacher specialization Theatre Pedagogy at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
In 2015, she published a novel for preteens called "ChapeKa, the orange girl" commercial-free distribution for public libraries purposes.
Currently she investigates, theorizes and reflects on storytelling for the development of people as inspiring agent identity in the culture.

Visit her official Facebook fan page Sandricuentos

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nayeli Spela

Here we are again to tell you about the Storytellers for Peace.
In alphabetic order, here is Nayeli Spela, from Slovenia.
Spela Peterlin, aka Nayeli, president and founder of MOAVE, is a psychologist, positive psychology freelanced trainer, intuitive dancer, acroyogi, writer and passionate mover.
In her workshops she focuses on building solid and positive dynamics of the group and providing different strategies for exploration and personal expression.
Here you can watch a sample of her work.
Her presence inside the Storytellers for Peace group is the beautiful proof that we can tell stories with everything we have to share.

MOAVE Official website

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