Friday, March 28, 2014

Digital Storytelling Video by Irene Martin Ordoñez

1er trimestre. Animación digital. Narrativa. SAE INSTITUTE, video storytelling by Irene Martin Ordoñez (Spanish)

What is Storytelling video by Lucy Walters

Lucy Walters actor, storyteller and broadcaster based in the UK, talks about storytelling:

Storytelling video by Irene Lucena Marín (Spanish)

Storytelling video by Irene Lucena Marín (Spanish): En este vídeo se explica la historia de mi abuelo Celedonio y se comenta el contexto económico y social que lo rodeaba cuando decidió emigrar a Cataluña.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Digital Storytelling Video by Real Life Experience - Encourage

"This is a real life experience that I had, also a project for University of San Francisco", by Chase Weng

Violence against women video storytelling 10 victims hour

Storytelling Video Ten victims in one hour, by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher

It's 10 am on March 27, 2014. It's the moment when I start to tell you this story.
It's also the time when the hour that will bring the clock at 11 begins to flow.
Wonderful things may happen in one hour.
In one hour you can make love.
In one hour you can make love with the person you love.
In this hour you can make love with the person you love, that loves you.
However, in a story like in real life, wonderful is only a word. And you know how words are.
They change. They change until transformed into their opposite.
And so it may happen that in one hour, exactly at this moment, for many souls hell arrives...
They are women of all ages who are victims of violence of vile creatures that human are only for the name.
While our part of the world is here, sitting on a chair, in many deal with pain, each one in different way...

Superman Domenic Storytelling Video

Superman Domenic Storytelling Video by Bruce, Domenic and Ivan

This is an output of a 2 day workshop in the remote area of Napalico Elementary School, Arakan Valley. Children ages 9 to 16 were taught digital storytelling, some of them holding cameras and computers for the first time. The aim was to encourage these children to put their creativity at work by writing children stories for other children. It was also a goal for them to be acquainted with technology and learn how to use it meaningfully. The students are scholars of Omegan Heartbeat Foundation.

Production team:
Domenic Digamo
Bruce Colipano
Ivan Paul Meling