Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fear Experiment Storytelling Video

That's a happy surprise.
While I am preparing the nine edition of my storytelling festival - next year will be on the diversity of fear, I found this wonderful work about fear too, shared by Saya Hillman.
Very very interesting, read and watch carefully.

As a way to experience personal growth and to meet others, strangers apply to learn an art-form -- dance, improv, storytelling, stepping, or a capella -- over three months, in preparation to perform in front of hundreds.
The criteria to participate?1) Something about the experience has to scare you. Because when you challenge yourself to do something out of the proverbial comfort zone, beautiful things happen.
2) You have to sign up solo. No roommate, best friend, significant other as a security blanket.
These are the storytellers of Fear Experiment, including a representative from the Do Good Partner, The Cara Program, Andrea. Cara helps adults overcome homelessness and unemployment through training programs.
To learn about Cara, head here:
To see the rest of the show including a capella and stepping, head here.
To learn how to apply, head here.

Fear Experiment is curated by Mac & Cheese Productions (

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