Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oral Visual Persian Storytelling

Today I am glad to share with you a very interesting video by Sabry Zekry about Persian visual storytelling.
The two storytellers in the clip present also a workshop they are going to lead in Spain.
That is very fascinating, take a careful look.
Here are some information by the description about the project:
We have been invited by the Nau Côclea Center in the North of Spain to be a part of their art residency and during our residency we will teach the art of Oral Visual Persian story telling called "Naghali & Pardeh khani" to the Spanish artists through few intensive short term workshops where participants will explore techniques of the Naghali & Pardeh khani. Workshops will culminate in a final shows presented with the trainers and participants.
The aim of project is to explore eastern narrative-painting techniques, to explore eastern storytelling techniques and to revive the dying art of Naghali & Pardeh Khani. By traveling with the Pardeh Khani to new communities it becomes revitalized. Workshops and live performances recycle the ancient art to serve contemporary communities. This provides a means to express stories that are relevant to a particular place and its people. It can be expected that a Pardeh Khanii event, as a valuable means for direct communication, will serve to strengthen community identity and thus make it stronger.

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  1. This Fundraising Campaign Aims to Revive the Persian Art of Storytelling
    This Fundraising Campaign Aims to Revive the Persian Art of Storytelling