Friday, February 13, 2015

Improvisation and Storytelling

I am very happy to close the week with a nice video by an original storytelling group, Atlantis Improv.
They use theatre improvisation to tell stories and I think this is a great idea.
In my humble opinion, this makes live storytelling more exciting, for actors and for audience too.
Here is some info from the clip description: Our 1st game from The Liber Arte Cantina Cultural Show on 8th February 2015. In this game, the improviser must continue the story without hesitation and exactly where the last improviser has left off. Any mistakes and the audience can shout 'Die' at which point the improviser is out of the game.
Come see us if you want to see improv in English in Madrid! More info here.
Atlantis Improv are:
Chris Matus
Matt Ledding
Jackie Kõester
Dominic Anglim
Juan Gutierrez Serna
Luztámbula Despierta
Steve Loader

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