Thursday, April 30, 2015

Storytelling Festival at Tampa Hillsborough public library

Today I am glad to share with you a very captivating clip from the recent Storytelling Festival at the Tampa Hillsborough Library.
I think it gives a perfect idea of a delightful, interesting and fascinating moment.
I whish I could be there and this is the proof that the video worked fine.
Here is the clip.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Razia Sultan Storytelling

Well, this is very interesting, I suggest you to watch it.
How the description says, the story I chose today is a performative storytelling conducted inside the mazaar (burial tomb) of the only Empress to have ruled Delhi, Razia Sultan. The storytelling revolved around the life of one of the most enigmatic ruler to have ruled Delhi. The nobility were divided over her authority and could not fathom her often progressive decision. The performance was conducted at the end of Heritage walk that started at Turkman Gate (in Old Delhi) on 15th March 2015.
The storytelling, the storyteller and also the location are all great, my sincere compliments.
Here is the clip by Darwesh Delhi.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sour Dough Starter by Madeline L Pots

I am happy to close the week with a very elegant and beautiful video storytelling by Madeline L Pots.
Watch carefully, because that is a perfect example of what telling stories means.
She does not need a great scenography and special effects.
This is theatre.
The voice and her energy create the magic.
And so the story.
Here is the clip, taken at the Lownds Shakespeare Center in Orlando Florida, November, 2014.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Storytelling at Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation

Well, I know it is short, but this video is from a very important work made in India by Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation (Foundation of Solo Schools), a non-profit organization involved in education and village development in rural areas and tribal villages.
You can see the effort even if the clip is not a 'movie'.
We must support this.
Here is the clip by zonkgod.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Storytelling from South Africa

Okay, this is wonderful to me, this is the true way to support, educate and inspire children and young people, as the Channel's presentation says.
I think that this is also the best use of a library (the Thembalethu library in our case): a full of kids space with a clever storyteller. And Nokugcina is the librarian too, so that is perfect.
From the Channel description: Za Foundation's Channel serves to update it's subscribers and donors about it's work in South Africa and the UK. Za Foundation aims to support, educate and inspire children and young people in Nkomazi, South Africa by building long-term, mutually beneficial connections between their communityand our own in North Somerset.
Here is the video.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Storytelling with kids using puppets

Today I am happy to share with you a very nice and educative video about creative storytelling with kids using puppets.
In my humble opinion, this is a perfect clip to show that.
It is a good mixture of explaining by the storyteller and the puppets storytelling itself, with the wonderful participation of the kids, real protagonists of the game.
From the description: Pretend play is a great way to encourage language development, explore new scenarios in a child’s life, build on a child’s self confidence and presentation skills and puppets are a great tool to help facilitate all of these tasks. In this video the kids demonstrate the fun that can be had using puppets in a storytelling game many of us know from camp. You can learn more about the Melissa & Doug hand puppet sets here.
Here is the video by EverythingMom.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lost in the Desert

Today I am here to propose a very interesting and captivating storytelling by Sharif Karmally.
The title of the story is Lost in the Desert and you can see in the storyteller some important aspects of telling stories.
He does not stand still, even if there is no real drama action, except the story itself, he moves from left to right on his line.
And he communicates also with eyes and hands, a very important evidence of how he wish to give his memory to the audience.
Here is the clip.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Personal Stories Storytelling

Today I share with you a very interesting and moving video about telling personal stories with theatre storytelling.
I liked very much the stories and the power of telling.
This is a such important way to know better yourself - one of the aim/consequence of drama work, and in the meantime giving a true part of you to the audience, inevitably touching their lives.
From the description: Actor's families stories: Mackenzie Patton, Bianca, Jake Ugolini, Kyla Little, Madison Stracener, Makayla Wackerhagen.
Here is the video by Tractor Shed Theatre, directed by Molly Rice.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Storytelling through Indian Dance

Today I am happy to share a wonderful video about Storytelling through dance very interesting and fascinating.
A sort of musical, a very charming and elegant show; the clip came from India.
I think this is a perfect way to offer a complete storytelling, with music, dancing, stories and cultural traditions.
From the description: Glimpses of the Glory of Rama from the ever Glorious "Rama-Ayana” is presented in the Harikatha format of story telling from Karnataka incorporating dance, music & abhinaya. The text features Ugabhoga, Dasasaahithya in Kannada , Sanskrit shlokas, devotional songs in multi languages, brief dialogues & monologues in Hindi.
The Power of Chanting the name of “ RAMA” which transformed the highway robber Rathanakar to Sage Valmiki, The energy of Rama's touch which released Ahalya from her curse , the long awaiting Shabari's liberation & Rama’s two unique aspects in his character when he addressed Guha ( the fisherman) as his brother and his power of multiplication of his form as visualised by Saint poet Purandarasa Dasa forms the content of the feature. It concludes on a beautiful note where Rama’s entourage after the winning battle over Ravana does not simply go back to Ayodhya but into every village, every town, every city, every devotees mind, every poet’s heart, every artist’s vision.
Since centuries this journey is going on in full glory, forever bringing delight to one & all for, such is the Glory of RAMA!
Resource & Text - Shathavadhaani. Dr. R. Ganesh
Music Composer - Praveen. D. Rao
Vocal Leads- Vijay Prakash, Varijashree
Choreography- Nirupama & Rajendra
Lighting Design - T. D. Rajendra
Art Director - Vinod Gowda
Costumes - Prabhath Vastra Vybhav
Here is the clip.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Digital Storytelling Contests DISTCO

Today I am glad to share with you a very interesting channel I found.
It is from the DISTCO, Digital Storytelling Contests and I liked very much the clips I saw.
It seems that the last contest is now closed, anyway you may watch here some of the senior level contenders.
Here are the videos.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Storytelling rehearsal

Today I share with you a very interesting video about Storytelling rehearsal from a nice group of storytellers, actors and dancers.
I think that rehearsal time is very important and sometimes in that moments the best things happen.
A teacher of mine, when I was a young student, told me that the best is before the show goes on.
From the description: behind the scenes of lasalle college of the arts' diploma in performance level 1 asian storytelling production (9th & 10th april) directed by Kamini Ramachandran | music: zorbing - stornaway.
Here is the clip by Morgane Breteche.