Friday, April 10, 2015

Storytelling through Indian Dance

Today I am happy to share a wonderful video about Storytelling through dance very interesting and fascinating.
A sort of musical, a very charming and elegant show; the clip came from India.
I think this is a perfect way to offer a complete storytelling, with music, dancing, stories and cultural traditions.
From the description: Glimpses of the Glory of Rama from the ever Glorious "Rama-Ayana” is presented in the Harikatha format of story telling from Karnataka incorporating dance, music & abhinaya. The text features Ugabhoga, Dasasaahithya in Kannada , Sanskrit shlokas, devotional songs in multi languages, brief dialogues & monologues in Hindi.
The Power of Chanting the name of “ RAMA” which transformed the highway robber Rathanakar to Sage Valmiki, The energy of Rama's touch which released Ahalya from her curse , the long awaiting Shabari's liberation & Rama’s two unique aspects in his character when he addressed Guha ( the fisherman) as his brother and his power of multiplication of his form as visualised by Saint poet Purandarasa Dasa forms the content of the feature. It concludes on a beautiful note where Rama’s entourage after the winning battle over Ravana does not simply go back to Ayodhya but into every village, every town, every city, every devotees mind, every poet’s heart, every artist’s vision.
Since centuries this journey is going on in full glory, forever bringing delight to one & all for, such is the Glory of RAMA!
Resource & Text - Shathavadhaani. Dr. R. Ganesh
Music Composer - Praveen. D. Rao
Vocal Leads- Vijay Prakash, Varijashree
Choreography- Nirupama & Rajendra
Lighting Design - T. D. Rajendra
Art Director - Vinod Gowda
Costumes - Prabhath Vastra Vybhav
Here is the clip.

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