Friday, April 17, 2015

Storytelling with kids using puppets

Today I am happy to share with you a very nice and educative video about creative storytelling with kids using puppets.
In my humble opinion, this is a perfect clip to show that.
It is a good mixture of explaining by the storyteller and the puppets storytelling itself, with the wonderful participation of the kids, real protagonists of the game.
From the description: Pretend play is a great way to encourage language development, explore new scenarios in a child’s life, build on a child’s self confidence and presentation skills and puppets are a great tool to help facilitate all of these tasks. In this video the kids demonstrate the fun that can be had using puppets in a storytelling game many of us know from camp. You can learn more about the Melissa & Doug hand puppet sets here.
Here is the video by EverythingMom.

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