Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Scottish International Storytelling Festival: Jason Chamakese

Here I am with a wonderful video from the beautiful and very interesting Scottish International Storytelling Festival, 2013 Edition.
In the clip you may see a magnetic exibition by Jason Chamakese with his flute.
I already said something before on this blog about storytelling with music and, sorry, I repeat my self enlarging the concept: you can make storytelling with everything...
From the description: Jason Chamakese comes from the Pelican Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, Canada. Devoted to maintaining his traditional language and culture, he was drawn to the sound of the traditional flute fifteen years ago. He performs with Robert Gladue often and as Chamakese & Gladue, their talents combine to create beautiful music, merging contemporary round-dance songs and generations-old Cree serenading songs.
For more information on the Scottish Storytelling Centre and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival:

Here is the video.

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