Friday, June 26, 2015

Digital Storytelling by Learning Abroad Students

How would a blog named Storytelling around the world like mine could have been plausible without speaking of this?
In fact, today I want to share with you some info about Digital Storytelling by Learning Abroad Students, from University of Minnesota, USA.
I think that is a wonderful idea to tell stories about a country.
Even if you cannot say everything about an entire nation, you may watch some of it with the perfect opened eyes: the ones of a young student, curious and attentive, hungry for culture and more than all stories.
That’s it, their geographic digital storytelling videos, with words and picture are a sort of collection of little stories, inside a fragment or a phrase, the voice’s emotion and the underlining of a particular word.
In the Youtube Channel you may watch clips from Japan (1, 2, 3), from China (1,2), from Iceland, from Laos, from Germany (1,2), from New Zealand and from Italy.
I mainly appreciated the last, since that is my country.
Here is the official website.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Athens Story Telling Festival: life, legends and lies

Well, I confess my ignorance, since now I did not know this festival arrived at the 9th edition (the next one on October 20–24, 2015): Athens Story Telling Festival.
This interesting event from Alabama, USA, caught my attention for the motto written on the image presentation in the Youtube Channel: life, legends and lies.
Three l’s that, in my modest opinion, are useful ingredients for a good story.
A fine one should be full of life, real life, not completely real, okay, but it must be plausible.
Not true at all, like a strong legend.
I do not know how it is in your language, but in Italy we used to say: ‘in every legend there is something true’.
So here comes the last l: lies.
I think lies are the most important part of the mixture.
A storyteller is not a politician, he does not make promises of a perfect future and, above all, he does not assume to be the truth messenger.
He just tells lies, because so the invented stories are.
The difference is that he knows that and you know too, because he does not pretend the contrary.
The only common hope is that the story will be a good lie to tell and listen.
Here is the presentation of the Festival from the Official Website: Imagine a crisp fall weekend spent listening to stories of adventure and excitement...a place where memories and magic are captured and spun into tales that make you laugh and cry. Hear stories that tell of a time that used to be. Glimpse into the past and live the imaginary. Learn more about your parents, your children, yourself. Discover all this and more at the annual Athens Storytelling Festival. Stories will be told on the courthouse square in Athens, Alabama within close proximity of an eclectic mix of shops offering a wide variety of antiques, gifts, gourmet foods, clothing and hardware. The courthouse square boasts several warm and inviting restaurants, and food vendors will be present for good old-fashioned festival fare.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Illinois Storytelling, Inc.

Today I am glad to share with you some news about a very interesting group from USA, the Illinois Storytelling, Inc.
As the Youtube Channel description says, it is a state-wide network of professional and emerging storytellers, as well as a large and diverse listening audience, dedicated to our mission of connecting generations, nurturing communities, and celebrating our diversity through Story. They celebrate Story in all its forms -- old tales, new tales and the diversity of storytelling styles -- and provide website services, event production, professional growth opportunities, and a network of support to preserve the art and tradition of storytelling.
First of all I want to say that I find a lot of words and ideas in this fine description that, in my humble opinion, are fundamental in the storytelling world.
I will quote randomly.
Emerging, because telling and listening stories is like emerging from yourself to the world.
Connecting, because stories may link everything and everyone with everyone and everything.
Communities, because discovering and understanding this wonderful connection is a perfect basis for a strong and health group of people.
Diversity, because that is the true best quality inside a story.
The last but not the least a unique verb: to preserve.
I like so much this very important action, because we need it as much as the breathing.
You can watch here some of their ‘Open Mic’ videos and here you may visit the official website.

Friday, June 19, 2015

New Evolution of Wise Storytelling

Well, I am very happy to have found this and to share it with you. If you do not already know it, obviously.
I am talking about New Evolution of Wise Storytelling.
From the Youtube Channel description: The goal of NEWS is to encourage community members, family, friends and media creators to come together to create inclusive and supportive stories about mental health, as a way to address the myths, misconceptions and stigma associated with mental illness.
NOTE: We understand that not everyone identifies their personal experience with the term "mental illness". We chose to use this language as it is the most widely used and accepted term currently used to describe mental differences and mental health issues.
First of all, I want to say that I perfectly understand the difficulty to name it, 'mental illness' or everything else.
Since 1994 I work as a drama trainer in therapeutic organizations and communities.
Some years ago, working with a team to realize a meeting about ‘dual diagnosis’ patients, we put in the middle of the discussion how outside people see the definition of the problem.
Starting from the words to name it, because words are important, they can hurt.
However, they can also cure, taking care of your mind and body, giving you power to face your worst demons.
Easy to say: with storytelling.
Backing to the protagonists of this post, I particularly appreciated the Youtube clips and I think they are a true example of what I meant before.
Here is a very interesting video.
Other information, here:
NEWS website:
RainCity Housing and Support Society:
Community Action Initiative:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sadili Digital Media Storytelling

I agree very much.
Storytelling is this too: a way to share successful stories of personal life from people who had the chance to see grow their talent and this is what Sadili Digital Media Storytelling does.
As the description in the official Youtube Channel says, they offer real stories of young African Talent, who have begun to live their dreams through assistance in education and training by Sadili Oval Sports Academy, in Nairobi, Kenya, and their partners, through the years.
Particularly in countries where, even if talented, you might not have so many occasions to reach your goals.
Like Africa, for example.
With this kind of stories you can inspire people around the world, giving advices and motivation to continue to work.
That is a kind of free gift of words and hope.
Here is a video about Florence Atieno that I liked the most.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How babies are born Video Animation

Today I am very glad to share the interesting and nice work by Storytelling Estudio.
From their Youtube Channel presentation: There are good movies with a weak production and a great story but there are no good movies with a weak story and a great production. That's the power of a story that Storytelling Studio tries to work in his films for all audiences.
Well, this is exactly what you may find in their clips.
In particular, I liked much the video about how babies are born 'AS IRMÃZINHAS em COMO EU NASCI?' (The Little Sisters on HOW I WAS BORN? it is in Portuguese, but it is clear for all).
A simple and smart digital storytelling where the parents explain the alleged mistery to their daughters using drawings and pictures.
Stories and images, those are the best ways to make understanding easy.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Krik Krak Storytelling

Well, I have to admit that what Sofia Shabafrouz shows to do in her Youtube Channel is the ‘real’ realization of this blog.
She ‘really’ does storytelling around the world and offers some very interesting and worthy of admiration videos.
In the clip Ebola Relief - Interview with Joseph Goakai, you can see info* about an important effort post-Ebola in Sierra Leone.
In the same time, you can watch Headed South With Masoud Jaladat video, following her and Masoud in a wonderful journey in Iran, discovering the country with original stories and music**.
Please, tell and read stories.
However, as Sofia says, if you want to know a country, you need to travel there.

* Save the Community. (Post-)Ebola Relief in Sierra Leone
Call for donations... Joseph from Sierra Leone is asking you for help for three concrete projects of the organization Paddy's Family in Bo, Sierra Leone. Find out more about the projects and the direct link to donate. For more information on the Go Africa…Go Germany… -Alumni Association e.V. (GOAL) visit our homepage 

** Iran is great – a country of deserts, mountains and forests. Framed by the Caspian sea and the Persian gulf, where you have four seasons at a time. One travel is not enough to discover all the beauty and treasures, this country has to offer. You need more time to enjoy the hospitality of its people and understand a complex and diverse culture.
I needed to stay six months to arrive and I still want to continue the journey. I need to show the world a country that is so often misunderstood and demonized for political and economic reasons. Look at the people and the land. Open your eyes.
On my journey I met Masoud. I didn’t meet just a tour guide. I met a companion. A poet, a musician, a traveler, passionate cook, a man from the desert who loves languages, canyons and grilled fish. He showed Iran to me. Well, at least parts of it. We became friends and travelled to the South.
Iran is great. Too great to summarize it in phrases and films. Too complex to have an image of it from the news. If you want to know Iran, you need to travel there. And find a good companion.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Young Storytellers Foundation

Today I am going to share some info about a very praiseworthy initiative: Young Storytellers Foundation’s work.
I think this project shows how it is important to understand the real power of stories.
They are something alive, in the literal meaning.
In stories you may find all you get in the so-called reality.
Emotions and feelings, dreams and hopes, life and death.
That is why they could be a wonderful instrument for social and educational programs.
That is what YSF does.
From the Youtube Channel description: The Young Storytellers Foundation develops literacy through the art of storytelling. Using group exercises and one-on-one mentoring, we provide underserved children in the public school system an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life through performance. Our mission is to inspire children to discover the power of their own voice.
Here you may visit the official website.
And here you may watch a video presentation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shine Storytelling

Today I am here to share something very interesting and touching.
The name says a lot: Shine Storytelling.
I think that is a wonderful word for 'telling stories'.
In my life, this is one of the gift I received and still now get reading and telling stories: shine.
Shine on my hard memories and bad moments, shine on my unknown feelings and fears.
Shine on the dark side of my soul, if I have one.
I liked very much the honesty and the courage in the words by the storyteller Isabel Storey in her clip “Finding Bravery” (here you may watch it).
In my humble opinion, personal true stories may be a powerful way to share your 'shine' with others.
For other info, here is some from the Youtube Channel description: Isabel Storey is the co-founder and producer of Shine. Her company, Storey Productions, specializes in producing meaningful new works and events for the stage. She has produced world premiere plays at venues throughout the Los Angeles area and New York. She is also past Producing Director and Managing Director of Ensemble Studio Theatre-LA and Vice Chair of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights. She founded and for nine years ran New Works Lab, ALAP's play development workshop. In television, Ms. Storey has written and produced for CBS, ABC, Lifetime and KCET.
MORE ABOUT SHINE: This monthly night of stories features 10 storytellers and live musicians who make stories into music. Eight storytellers are invited and pre-booked, but there will be two open slots at each event for audience members to put their names into a hat for selection at the door to be Guest Storytellers.
For more information about SHINE or how to participate as a storyteller, be it guest or invited, or musician, please visit us at
SHINE is produced Isabel Storey
Presented by: Storey Productions -

Friday, June 5, 2015

Raconteurs Storytelling about Women

Today I am going to talk about a very interesting storytelling organization and the name says much: Raconteurs.
They are from Toronto, Canada and this comes from the Youtube Channel description: Raconteurs Storytelling presents monthly events featuring true stories told live on stage. Based in Toronto, Raconteurs brings you new stories every month based on a theme. Here is the official website.
In my humble opinion, showing a diverse group of storytellers telling real stories on the same theme is a great idea.
People may look the same argument from different points of view, going deeply inside it, having the chance to get a more complete idea of it.
In the same time, the storytellers may do the same, confronting also the particular other ways of interpreting the theme.
Here you may watch a very funny playlist about Women.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seeing differently by Sarita Daftary

Today I am very glad to propose a wonderful digital storytelling video by Sarita Daftary, shared by the Center for Digital Storytelling Youtube Channel.
Who know me better, might perfectly understand why I appreciated so much this clip.
This is another magical power of storytelling.
You can see things differently.
Differently from bad TV news and ignorant voices, differently from sly prejudice and easy discrimination, differently from interested politicians and selling hate leaders.
You can see things, but you may also share your visions with others.
I am not talking about truth, viewers and listeners may build their own opinion, but you have done your job.
Your part in the show.
That is what Sarita did and I think that is very important.
Center for Digital Storytelling ( surfaces authentic voices around the world through group process and participatory media creation. Our programs support people in sharing and bearing witness to stories that lead to learning, action, and positive change.

Here you may watch the video.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Human Rights Day is everyday

"Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Every Day is Human Rights Day", words by Master Storyteller Paul 'Midde' Middelijn.
Today - but being agree with the latter, also yesterday and tomorrow, I am glad to share with you the very interesting work of this wise storyteller from Suriname.
In particular, I liked the message of the clip mentioned above, about Human Rights Day.
In my humble opinion, that is one of the power of telling stories.
Newspapers and politicans might tell their stories, very still in the time of tolding them, because seconds run and they must follow the 'money rabbit'.
But storytellers, poets and each kind of artist have the true richness in their hands.
If you have time to tell a story, use it to show alternatives to the common screen.
As fake the latter is, you might have the chance to see some truths...
Here is the video and the Youtube Channel of Paul Middelijn.