Thursday, June 25, 2015

Athens Story Telling Festival: life, legends and lies

Well, I confess my ignorance, since now I did not know this festival arrived at the 9th edition (the next one on October 20–24, 2015): Athens Story Telling Festival.
This interesting event from Alabama, USA, caught my attention for the motto written on the image presentation in the Youtube Channel: life, legends and lies.
Three l’s that, in my modest opinion, are useful ingredients for a good story.
A fine one should be full of life, real life, not completely real, okay, but it must be plausible.
Not true at all, like a strong legend.
I do not know how it is in your language, but in Italy we used to say: ‘in every legend there is something true’.
So here comes the last l: lies.
I think lies are the most important part of the mixture.
A storyteller is not a politician, he does not make promises of a perfect future and, above all, he does not assume to be the truth messenger.
He just tells lies, because so the invented stories are.
The difference is that he knows that and you know too, because he does not pretend the contrary.
The only common hope is that the story will be a good lie to tell and listen.
Here is the presentation of the Festival from the Official Website: Imagine a crisp fall weekend spent listening to stories of adventure and excitement...a place where memories and magic are captured and spun into tales that make you laugh and cry. Hear stories that tell of a time that used to be. Glimpse into the past and live the imaginary. Learn more about your parents, your children, yourself. Discover all this and more at the annual Athens Storytelling Festival. Stories will be told on the courthouse square in Athens, Alabama within close proximity of an eclectic mix of shops offering a wide variety of antiques, gifts, gourmet foods, clothing and hardware. The courthouse square boasts several warm and inviting restaurants, and food vendors will be present for good old-fashioned festival fare.

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