Friday, June 26, 2015

Digital Storytelling by Learning Abroad Students

How would a blog named Storytelling around the world like mine could have been plausible without speaking of this?
In fact, today I want to share with you some info about Digital Storytelling by Learning Abroad Students, from University of Minnesota, USA.
I think that is a wonderful idea to tell stories about a country.
Even if you cannot say everything about an entire nation, you may watch some of it with the perfect opened eyes: the ones of a young student, curious and attentive, hungry for culture and more than all stories.
That’s it, their geographic digital storytelling videos, with words and picture are a sort of collection of little stories, inside a fragment or a phrase, the voice’s emotion and the underlining of a particular word.
In the Youtube Channel you may watch clips from Japan (1, 2, 3), from China (1,2), from Iceland, from Laos, from Germany (1,2), from New Zealand and from Italy.
I mainly appreciated the last, since that is my country.
Here is the official website.

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