Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How babies are born Video Animation

Today I am very glad to share the interesting and nice work by Storytelling Estudio.
From their Youtube Channel presentation: There are good movies with a weak production and a great story but there are no good movies with a weak story and a great production. That's the power of a story that Storytelling Studio tries to work in his films for all audiences.
Well, this is exactly what you may find in their clips.
In particular, I liked much the video about how babies are born 'AS IRMÃZINHAS em COMO EU NASCI?' (The Little Sisters on HOW I WAS BORN? it is in Portuguese, but it is clear for all).
A simple and smart digital storytelling where the parents explain the alleged mistery to their daughters using drawings and pictures.
Stories and images, those are the best ways to make understanding easy.

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