Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Human Rights Day is everyday

"Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Every Day is Human Rights Day", words by Master Storyteller Paul 'Midde' Middelijn.
Today - but being agree with the latter, also yesterday and tomorrow, I am glad to share with you the very interesting work of this wise storyteller from Suriname.
In particular, I liked the message of the clip mentioned above, about Human Rights Day.
In my humble opinion, that is one of the power of telling stories.
Newspapers and politicans might tell their stories, very still in the time of tolding them, because seconds run and they must follow the 'money rabbit'.
But storytellers, poets and each kind of artist have the true richness in their hands.
If you have time to tell a story, use it to show alternatives to the common screen.
As fake the latter is, you might have the chance to see some truths...
Here is the video and the Youtube Channel of Paul Middelijn.

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