Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Illinois Storytelling, Inc.

Today I am glad to share with you some news about a very interesting group from USA, the Illinois Storytelling, Inc.
As the Youtube Channel description says, it is a state-wide network of professional and emerging storytellers, as well as a large and diverse listening audience, dedicated to our mission of connecting generations, nurturing communities, and celebrating our diversity through Story. They celebrate Story in all its forms -- old tales, new tales and the diversity of storytelling styles -- and provide website services, event production, professional growth opportunities, and a network of support to preserve the art and tradition of storytelling.
First of all I want to say that I find a lot of words and ideas in this fine description that, in my humble opinion, are fundamental in the storytelling world.
I will quote randomly.
Emerging, because telling and listening stories is like emerging from yourself to the world.
Connecting, because stories may link everything and everyone with everyone and everything.
Communities, because discovering and understanding this wonderful connection is a perfect basis for a strong and health group of people.
Diversity, because that is the true best quality inside a story.
The last but not the least a unique verb: to preserve.
I like so much this very important action, because we need it as much as the breathing.
You can watch here some of their ‘Open Mic’ videos and here you may visit the official website.

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