Friday, June 12, 2015

Krik Krak Storytelling

Well, I have to admit that what Sofia Shabafrouz shows to do in her Youtube Channel is the ‘real’ realization of this blog.
She ‘really’ does storytelling around the world and offers some very interesting and worthy of admiration videos.
In the clip Ebola Relief - Interview with Joseph Goakai, you can see info* about an important effort post-Ebola in Sierra Leone.
In the same time, you can watch Headed South With Masoud Jaladat video, following her and Masoud in a wonderful journey in Iran, discovering the country with original stories and music**.
Please, tell and read stories.
However, as Sofia says, if you want to know a country, you need to travel there.

* Save the Community. (Post-)Ebola Relief in Sierra Leone
Call for donations... Joseph from Sierra Leone is asking you for help for three concrete projects of the organization Paddy's Family in Bo, Sierra Leone. Find out more about the projects and the direct link to donate. For more information on the Go Africa…Go Germany… -Alumni Association e.V. (GOAL) visit our homepage 

** Iran is great – a country of deserts, mountains and forests. Framed by the Caspian sea and the Persian gulf, where you have four seasons at a time. One travel is not enough to discover all the beauty and treasures, this country has to offer. You need more time to enjoy the hospitality of its people and understand a complex and diverse culture.
I needed to stay six months to arrive and I still want to continue the journey. I need to show the world a country that is so often misunderstood and demonized for political and economic reasons. Look at the people and the land. Open your eyes.
On my journey I met Masoud. I didn’t meet just a tour guide. I met a companion. A poet, a musician, a traveler, passionate cook, a man from the desert who loves languages, canyons and grilled fish. He showed Iran to me. Well, at least parts of it. We became friends and travelled to the South.
Iran is great. Too great to summarize it in phrases and films. Too complex to have an image of it from the news. If you want to know Iran, you need to travel there. And find a good companion.


  1. Oh wow - just noticed this post by chance - thanks for sharing and liking my work, Alessandro!

    1. You're welcome, Sofia, I like your videos, my compliments. ;)