Friday, June 19, 2015

New Evolution of Wise Storytelling

Well, I am very happy to have found this and to share it with you. If you do not already know it, obviously.
I am talking about New Evolution of Wise Storytelling.
From the Youtube Channel description: The goal of NEWS is to encourage community members, family, friends and media creators to come together to create inclusive and supportive stories about mental health, as a way to address the myths, misconceptions and stigma associated with mental illness.
NOTE: We understand that not everyone identifies their personal experience with the term "mental illness". We chose to use this language as it is the most widely used and accepted term currently used to describe mental differences and mental health issues.
First of all, I want to say that I perfectly understand the difficulty to name it, 'mental illness' or everything else.
Since 1994 I work as a drama trainer in therapeutic organizations and communities.
Some years ago, working with a team to realize a meeting about ‘dual diagnosis’ patients, we put in the middle of the discussion how outside people see the definition of the problem.
Starting from the words to name it, because words are important, they can hurt.
However, they can also cure, taking care of your mind and body, giving you power to face your worst demons.
Easy to say: with storytelling.
Backing to the protagonists of this post, I particularly appreciated the Youtube clips and I think they are a true example of what I meant before.
Here is a very interesting video.
Other information, here:
NEWS website:
RainCity Housing and Support Society:
Community Action Initiative:

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