Thursday, June 4, 2015

Seeing differently by Sarita Daftary

Today I am very glad to propose a wonderful digital storytelling video by Sarita Daftary, shared by the Center for Digital Storytelling Youtube Channel.
Who know me better, might perfectly understand why I appreciated so much this clip.
This is another magical power of storytelling.
You can see things differently.
Differently from bad TV news and ignorant voices, differently from sly prejudice and easy discrimination, differently from interested politicians and selling hate leaders.
You can see things, but you may also share your visions with others.
I am not talking about truth, viewers and listeners may build their own opinion, but you have done your job.
Your part in the show.
That is what Sarita did and I think that is very important.
Center for Digital Storytelling ( surfaces authentic voices around the world through group process and participatory media creation. Our programs support people in sharing and bearing witness to stories that lead to learning, action, and positive change.

Here you may watch the video.

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