Thursday, June 11, 2015

Young Storytellers Foundation

Today I am going to share some info about a very praiseworthy initiative: Young Storytellers Foundation’s work.
I think this project shows how it is important to understand the real power of stories.
They are something alive, in the literal meaning.
In stories you may find all you get in the so-called reality.
Emotions and feelings, dreams and hopes, life and death.
That is why they could be a wonderful instrument for social and educational programs.
That is what YSF does.
From the Youtube Channel description: The Young Storytellers Foundation develops literacy through the art of storytelling. Using group exercises and one-on-one mentoring, we provide underserved children in the public school system an opportunity to write stories and see them brought to life through performance. Our mission is to inspire children to discover the power of their own voice.
Here you may visit the official website.
And here you may watch a video presentation.

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