Friday, July 10, 2015

Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales)

What can I say? It is wonderful to find that you are not alone with your obsession.
Today I want to share with you info and news about Oral Fixation (An Obsession with True Life Tales).
Here is the Youtube description of this interesting show: Presented by Nicole Stewart, Oral Fixation is a series of hour-long evenings of TRUE, personal stories, each with a new theme performed by a cross-section of seven Dallasites. Oral Fixation's mission is to bring together the Dallas community through sharing true, personal stories.
As I did, you may note the capital letters for the word “true”, so I think this proves how the genuineness of tales is important for them.
Well, I agree, this is a very powerful aspect in storytelling.
Telling true stories you can better understand yourself.
Listening to them you may do the same, finding your life in those of others.
And this could be such a great instrument to bring together people, even if incredibly different.
Here is their official website.
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yum's The Word where everyone gets a piece

Well, as I said other times, the metaphor cooking/storytelling is perfect.
Anyway, I am Italian and to me food is a wonderful metaphor for the whole life.
However, I like very much the association cake/story.
As saying that listening a tale is like to get one of the most desired part of the dinner, like the cake time is.
This preface is for Yum’s the world, a show and collective storytelling that has a motto able to wake up even the most distracted attention: The storytelling show where everyone gets a piece!
Here is the Youtube description:
"Yum's The Word" is the only show that blends old-school fun with modern-day storytelling. Join host, Robin Gelfenbien, and some of NYC's best storytellers, comedians and culinary pros every month for juicy stories, Mad Libs, nostalgic candy and Robin's homemade ice cream cakes. And “lactaid” pills available at every show. Seriously.
Here is the official website.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rebel Storytellers

Today I am glad to talk about this group, Rebel Storytellers.
First of all, I want to say that I love very much the name.
In my life, writing and telling stories has ever been a kind of rebellion.
A pacific one, that’s okay, but this is it, even today.
To say one, a rebellion to the so-called reality and all its inhumanity.
I always thought that if I could write and even tell it, it might be something more.
Than just a story.
Anyway, I am not here to talk about me.
Here is the captivating presentation of Rebel Storytellers from their Youtube Channel: RS is a community of thinkers, writers, motivators and thought-leaders devoted to sparking hope and action in the world through a daily blog, a weekly podcast, and live events.
"Sparking hope and action", these are true gifts that a storyteller should give, if he has a heart and he cares of the world.
Watch their videos, they are very interesting and, as I have understood, so their shows.
Here is the official website.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Article on The National Storytelling Network's Magazine

Sorry for this self referential interruption, but I am glad for the pubblication of an article of mine on the National Storytelling Network's Magazine, The Writer and the Storyteller (Here if you want to read it).

Dedicated to Enrique Páez and Beatriz Montero.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Global Storytellers (Globale Historiefortællere)

Well, I have to share this, because that is perfectly near to my work and the idea of what a modern storytelling should be.
I am talking about the main concept of Global Storytellers (Globale Historiefortællere).
Here is their Youtube Channel description: G. S. provide stories that explores the most important challenges we face currently in the World in order to understand, seek solutions and suggest answers. Global Storytellers are Danish and International students at Danish Folk High Schools that wants to communicate with their fellow youth generation and join the debate.
In my modest opinion that is a so good purpose.
Storytelling may be a very powerful instrument to understand, as they say, world facts, listening others and confronting different points of view.
A story is already a mixture of little tales, that can only be better if contaminated by far and diverse ones.
And, maybe, even if a fruit of imagination it may reach the truth horizon more than so-called great mass media.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Olio Storytellers Collective

Tell me what you want, but I still think that naming your team is very important.
If we speak about a storytelling group that is even truer.
Who tells stories has to show his creativity power since the very beginning.
As the name is.
This is why I liked so much Olio Storytellers Collective’s choice, as their Youtube Channel Description says: In cooking, "olio" is a Spanish stew in which many ingredients are mixed together. In storytelling, an "olio" is a variety program in which a group of storytellers take turns in telling tales that can amuse, empower, change or challenge us. It is the goal of the Olio Storytellers Collective to carry forward the rich tradition of storytelling, painting vivid pictures in the imaginations of its audience.
I think that is a perfect metaphor of what a storytelling group should be and I also believe that the association Storytelling/Cooking sounds impeccable.
I liked too the part about how tales can challenge us.
We must not forget that going on stage is a challenge for us too, this is fundamental to keep us alive and ready for everything the audience may give back.
Anyway this is one of the crucial difference from TV shows: theatre is made of alive people…
Here is their Facebook's page.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mor the Storyteller

Okay, first of all I cannot speak russian, so I did not understand the words.
Anyway, I liked Mor the Storyteller's videos.
She is a musician, singer and guitarist, and a storyteller of also original stories, sometimes, as she explains in her Youtube Channel presentation (I hope Google Translate worked fine).
I liked also the old style of the clips and the idea of using songs to tell stories.
I think that is a wonderful way and the magical aspect is that you might feel the feelings and the emotions in the storytelling just listening her voice and her music.
Here is a video of her, Alexander Bashlachev's cover.