Thursday, July 2, 2015

Olio Storytellers Collective

Tell me what you want, but I still think that naming your team is very important.
If we speak about a storytelling group that is even truer.
Who tells stories has to show his creativity power since the very beginning.
As the name is.
This is why I liked so much Olio Storytellers Collective’s choice, as their Youtube Channel Description says: In cooking, "olio" is a Spanish stew in which many ingredients are mixed together. In storytelling, an "olio" is a variety program in which a group of storytellers take turns in telling tales that can amuse, empower, change or challenge us. It is the goal of the Olio Storytellers Collective to carry forward the rich tradition of storytelling, painting vivid pictures in the imaginations of its audience.
I think that is a perfect metaphor of what a storytelling group should be and I also believe that the association Storytelling/Cooking sounds impeccable.
I liked too the part about how tales can challenge us.
We must not forget that going on stage is a challenge for us too, this is fundamental to keep us alive and ready for everything the audience may give back.
Anyway this is one of the crucial difference from TV shows: theatre is made of alive people…
Here is their Facebook's page.

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