Thursday, July 9, 2015

Yum's The Word where everyone gets a piece

Well, as I said other times, the metaphor cooking/storytelling is perfect.
Anyway, I am Italian and to me food is a wonderful metaphor for the whole life.
However, I like very much the association cake/story.
As saying that listening a tale is like to get one of the most desired part of the dinner, like the cake time is.
This preface is for Yum’s the world, a show and collective storytelling that has a motto able to wake up even the most distracted attention: The storytelling show where everyone gets a piece!
Here is the Youtube description:
"Yum's The Word" is the only show that blends old-school fun with modern-day storytelling. Join host, Robin Gelfenbien, and some of NYC's best storytellers, comedians and culinary pros every month for juicy stories, Mad Libs, nostalgic candy and Robin's homemade ice cream cakes. And “lactaid” pills available at every show. Seriously.
Here is the official website.
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