Friday, September 4, 2015

BabuKishan's spotlight on Storytelling

Today I am glad to come back speaking of a very polyhedral artist and his work.
I am talking about Babu Kishan, composer, director and storyteller from India.
In his Youtube Channel you may watch a very interesting playlist of videos about multicultural storytelling and people, Spirituality, Culture, Economic, Political, Artistic Entertainment, as you may also read in the description: Stories in the Voice of the Storyteller, a Multi Cultural, Inter Cultural, TV Series Spotlighting the Unique Lives of Canadian’s. The personal stories of Brilliant Canadians, stories of what it means to arrive, the journey to success in business, politics, social, economic, artistic, faith and spirituality. Freedom in Diversity.
Inspirational, Innovation, stories that educate creating integration, Inter cultural, Multi Cultural understanding and a sense of belonging to and National Pride in Canada. Stories that preserve the voices of what it means to be Canadian.
Storytelling has been shared in every culture as a means of Entertainment, Education, and Preserving Cultural Memory.
I like very much the word he uses presenting his work: spotlight.
I think that is a perfect way to define the eyes of a good and attentive storyteller.
He watches where people do not, enlightening things in the way we all may see them better.
It is just not a simple light.
A storyteller finds the story inside the things and I think that is one of the interesting work that mister Kishan is doing.
Indeed, I must agree with him on the importance of multicultural and diversity in the world personal stories.
You may also visit his official website.

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