Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tell Me More Live Storytelling: Alicia Luma’s introversions

Today I watched a very funny and interesting storytelling video by Alicia Luma.
The clip is from Tell Me More Live… Storytelling Youtube Channel, which I will “tell you more” later.
You may know that in theatre actor and storyteller are not the same thing.
Easily speaking, the former is the mask that the human uses to tell a story, while the latter is the human itself doing the same.
This is what often happens, generally.
However, I have to say that maybe you will be so lucky – even because I love to do it myself, to see an artist doing both things.
Easy to say, but on the stage is completely different.
Indeed, a great storyteller could be not a clever actor and vice versa.
But in the case this magic conjunction is realized here it is the video I just saw.
Alicia Luma tells a story about her introversions and she does it dressed as a shy clown.
I like the choice and I think that is a perfect example of what I meant.
About Tell Me More Live… Storytelling, here is some info from the official website: Everyone has a story, and there are plenty of storytelling events and podcasts around the world to showcase them. We’re not that different – except we tell stories from a small stage in a mid-size military town.
STORYTELLING NIGHTS: We offer a regular storytelling night at the Push Comedy Theater in Norfolk, Va. Each month, we showcase storytellers sharing stories inspired by one word. For upcoming shows, please see our schedule here.
STORYTELLER SELECTION: If you have a story that you think fits one of our themes, sign up here to be considered for the stage.
RECORDINGS: We record our events and offer select stories as part of our podcast. Most of the stories we record we post unless a storyteller requests otherwise. We aim to post episodes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as long as we have content. We usually skip posting the week after the main live show.

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