Friday, October 30, 2015

Performing Turtle Island: TransActions Memorial Dedication

Today I am happy to share with you a very interesting event, as you may see in this video, about storytelling and memory.
I am talking about Performing Turtle Island and TransActions Memorial Dedication by the Collective Performance Storytelling Ensemble.
I think that storytelling groups on stage could be a strong way to spread important message and to give the audience feelings and words to stand by.
Theatre is already a collective experience, between actors and spectators, scripts and stories, actions and emotions.
However, if you are able to mix a group of storytellers with great attention to the main work and to each ingredient/voice it might get a magical time.
This is what I felt watching the video above.

Official website: Performing Turtle Island

Call for submissions and help: The gift of diversity Italian Storytelling Festival 10° Edition, Rome - April 2016

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dianne de Las Casas storyteller

Today I am glad to start a series of posts about famous storytellers in the world.
My first choice is Dianne de Las Casas.
From wikipedia:

Dianne de Las Casas was born in January 15, 1970 in the Philippines. She is an award-winning author and storyteller who tours internationally. She is also the founder of an international initiative designating November as Picture Book Month.
From her Official website:
Storytelling came naturally for Dianne. At nine years old, she often told spooky stories to her younger brother. But it wasn’t until she was “grown-up” that she caught the story fever. Dianne says, “I have always loved stories and grew up immersed in books. Since second grade, I knew that I wanted to write books for children. What I didn’t know was that storytelling would not only take me there but it was the vehicle through which I would really learn how to ‘make’ a good story, both orally and eventually, in print.” Volunteering as a storyteller on Saturdays at her local library, Dianne fell in love with the art and honed her skills. With the encouragement of Andrea Taylor, the children’s librarian, and the support of her family, Dianne began exploring a career as a professional storyteller.

You can also visit her Youtube Channel and watch her videos.
Other social links:

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

2 moms and dads story by Apricia Lovano

Well, what can I say more than I like what I saw?
I think you will agree with me if you will watch Apricia Lovano's videos.
She is a clever singer too, but, in my humble opinion her road is on acting and telling stories.
In particular, I appreciated her video about having 2 moms and dads, being adopted.
I ever believed in the power of personal storytelling but it depends on how much personal emotions and spontaneous thoughts you decide to put on the table.
I think that Apricia’s clips are an example of how you can speak about strong experiences with honesty and irony.
More than with a good lightness.
Often that is the better key for a likeable show.
Follow her on twitter:
And Instagram:

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Vandy Speaks

Vandy speaks.
Today I am glad to speak about Vandy, Vandy speaks.
Sorry for the trivial words game, but this is what speaking could be. I mean in the noble meaning of playing.
Like creating music or theatre, fulling your voice of truly passionate art, the best one.
Your personal story.
This is some of the beautiful aspects I found in the videos I watched on the platform created by this smart group on Youtube.
Do it, you can see there a various kaleidoscope of feelings and ideas, experiences and visions, through a sort of multicolored storytelling.
Color in a general significance, like musical notes in a rich score of a clever jazz composition.
Follow the YT channel and FB page, they deserve it.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Nook Reading Corner from Jaipur India

Today I am glad to back on a theme I already worked on, because I think it is never quite enough to underline the importance of reading and also storytelling with kids education.
It is also very interesting to see how in the different parts of the world people show their talent to play with students making them live these magical experiences.
That is the exact case of what Book Nook-Reading from Jaipur, India, does and I have to suggest to carefully watch the videos about the teacher’s work.
She shows to play and enjoy it, first crucial fact, she play with the kids, bringing them in, making them protagonists, second fundamental aspect.
Third, and so on, look how she reads and tells stories as in a theatre, making the classroom a place to watch a live show.
Yes, incredibly live as a school should always be.
From the Youtube Channel description: Book Nook-Reading is fun is kid's favorite reading corner. Making them dream, imagine and learn through stories and various creative thinking activities.

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