Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book Nook Reading Corner from Jaipur India

Today I am glad to back on a theme I already worked on, because I think it is never quite enough to underline the importance of reading and also storytelling with kids education.
It is also very interesting to see how in the different parts of the world people show their talent to play with students making them live these magical experiences.
That is the exact case of what Book Nook-Reading from Jaipur, India, does and I have to suggest to carefully watch the videos about the teacher’s work.
She shows to play and enjoy it, first crucial fact, she play with the kids, bringing them in, making them protagonists, second fundamental aspect.
Third, and so on, look how she reads and tells stories as in a theatre, making the classroom a place to watch a live show.
Yes, incredibly live as a school should always be.
From the Youtube Channel description: Book Nook-Reading is fun is kid's favorite reading corner. Making them dream, imagine and learn through stories and various creative thinking activities.

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  1. Just randomly came across this blog. Thanks for all the words of appreciation. :)