Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dianne de Las Casas storyteller

Today I am glad to start a series of posts about famous storytellers in the world.
My first choice is Dianne de Las Casas.
From wikipedia:

Dianne de Las Casas was born in January 15, 1970 in the Philippines. She is an award-winning author and storyteller who tours internationally. She is also the founder of an international initiative designating November as Picture Book Month.
From her Official website:
Storytelling came naturally for Dianne. At nine years old, she often told spooky stories to her younger brother. But it wasn’t until she was “grown-up” that she caught the story fever. Dianne says, “I have always loved stories and grew up immersed in books. Since second grade, I knew that I wanted to write books for children. What I didn’t know was that storytelling would not only take me there but it was the vehicle through which I would really learn how to ‘make’ a good story, both orally and eventually, in print.” Volunteering as a storyteller on Saturdays at her local library, Dianne fell in love with the art and honed her skills. With the encouragement of Andrea Taylor, the children’s librarian, and the support of her family, Dianne began exploring a career as a professional storyteller.

You can also visit her Youtube Channel and watch her videos.
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