Thursday, November 19, 2015

Common Ground - Building global bridge

Well, I am very glad to share this, more than all today.
I just watched the video that in a few minutes told about the important and notable work made by Vilostrada.
As the official website explains, it is a lifestyle brand, a social enterprise that sell fair-traded Moroccan artisan goods in a webshop, stores in Sweden and market sales on Costa Del Sol. Developing sustainable business models and run projects for community benefit.
"Building bridges with education, entrepreneurship and storytelling", in northern Morocco, is their community project named Common Ground, realized together with local and global partners.
I like that, this is the answer, before and moreover now.
Good job, follow this road, guys.
Because this is the only possible and sustainable one.

Call for submissions and help: The gift of diversity Italian Storytelling Festival 10° Edition, Rome - April 2016

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