Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Jataka Tales: The Merchant of Seri

Today I am very happy to share with you a “storytelling through art” video, The Merchant of Seri, from The Jataka Tales, a wonderful “storytelling through art” video by SEAMEO SPAFA.
From the Youtube Channel description: SEAMEO SPAFA is the regional coordinator for professionals and educationalists in the fields of Southeast Asian Archaeology and Fine Arts. It is under the aegis of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and is hosted by the Government of Thailand. SEAMEO SPAFA aims to: 1) Cultivate awareness and appreciation of cultural heritage through collaboration in information dissemination and other relevant programs; 2) Promote and help enrich archaeological and cultural activities in the region; 3) Further professional competence in the fields of Archaeology and Fine Arts through the sharing of resources, experience and skills within the framework of regional programs and activities; and 4) Advance mutual knowledge and understanding among the countries of SE Asia through regional programs in the aim to raise awareness of cultural diversity and regional identity and to meet the changes and needs associated with the social and economic integration of SE Asia.
The clip was produced by MVK SALLEC (Self-Access Language Learning Centre), Mahavajiralongkornrajavithayalai Buddhist College, Sri Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
About the story, Jataka tales have appeared in the Buddhist scripture (Tripitaka) and “The Merchant of Seri” teaches honesty is the best way to live.
One of the most important reason that moved me to create this website was to explore and share storytelling in all his expressions all over the world, in order to learn other cultures and traditions just listening stories.
The video I spoke of today is a perfect example of it.
Enjoy the tale and the moral inside.

Call for submissions and help: The gift of diversity Italian Storytelling Festival 10° Edition, Rome - April 2016

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