Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nimmi Harasgama Storytelling

Well, this is a wonderful surprise for me.
Okay, who is familiar with my work knows how much I love to write about intercultural aspects, but every time you are on the audience side, it is ever a new experience.
A very good one, in the case of this Storytelling video about Family reunion by Nimmi Harasgama, a talented actor of TV, film, and theatre.
In my humble opinion, the best way to tell on stage, by books or movies, a story about personal experiences and facts on diversity and racial themes is exactly the way she did: with great irony, honesty and profoundness.
Even if your personal stories are not each one so happy, because I also know that personating the alien in the crowd is not easy, more than all at a very young age.
The best road to overcome and defeat ignorance’s falsity is the power of true stories.
Here is the official Facebook page of this clever artist:


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