Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sarah Cattani and Kiran Kreer: the Storytelling Nomad

Well, this is very interesting, take your time.
I found today a very beautiful clip by Sarah Cattani, TV journalist, producer and reporter from Luxembourg.
My compliments for the choice.
In her remarkable video on her Youtube Channel – please, make more of them – you may watch her interview to photographer Kiran Kreer, a very motivating guy.
A Storytelling nomad, as the clip title says.
Here is a brief description from the video: Living as a day modern

nomad, travelling from one disaster zone to another, capturing moments with a camera and telling stories of the ones without voices; that’s how the documentary photographer Kiran Kreer spends his days since the last 3 years. He left everything behind in Malaysia, where he used to live and work in the corporate field, to follow his dream of a free life.
I (Sarah Cattani) met him in India while he was shooting in Pushkar, Rajasthan and decided to follow him around with my camera for a few days
I like this so much, both the two give a wonderful gift to storytelling.
You can choose to tell stories about everything, that is a sacred freedom.
However, there are two special kinds of storytellers.
The ones who point their zoom to the unlucky side of the scene and the ones who point theirs on them.
Without both we could not know the former and the latter.
So thank you.

About Sarah Cattani and Kiran Kreer.

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