Wednesday, January 20, 2016

African Storytelling Some Fathers

Well, this clip is more than just beautiful. The video I suggest to watch today, a poem by Ntsiki Mazwai, is simply wonderful.
This great piece of poetry, Fathers, is a powerful song, is a strong storytelling and a fascinating melody all in the same place and time.
Some might say that African voices are all this together too.
Well, in this case they are right.
I liked so much the words of the poem and, as in every great text, there are many ways to read it.
The clever artist spoke about her fathers, but when I think of Africa I feel obliged to see the latter as the father of all.
We are all sons of Africa.
So, this story is for everyone.
From the Youtube Channel description of the project: Africa Story Telling is a way of communication in our culture. This is African Story by Africans. The World has a lot to learn from Africans. WE send our messages through story telling. ENJOY and share.

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