Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sonia Sabri Storytelling through hands

Well, what I just saw...
I suggest you to watch this very beautiful video by Sonia Sabri, Storytelling through hands.

The clip description says briefly “I am a free spirit… either admire me from the ground or fly with me, but don’t every try to cage me...” (Marguerite Corsairs).
In my humble opinion, while the words concisely speak, her hands do the rest, telling the whole story with great passion and mesmerizing the audience.
Who tell live stories or in general do theatre know how hands are important, as the entire body. But hands have a particular role, have a voice, a soul, they are like a dancing couple, as Sonia Sabri perfectly demonstrates.
Abroad many say that in Italy we speak with hands, more than voice.
This video shows that you might also fly with them.

Official website: Sonia Sabri Company

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