Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Multi-sensory storytelling by Jenny Fox Eades

Well, I am glad to share with you today “Where is the moon?”, a very fascinating storytelling video by Jenny Fox Eades, storyteller and teacher. It is a traditional story retold by Jenny using a quiet, multi-sensory storytelling technique, as the clip description says.
Multi-sensory storytelling is a very powerful way to offer audience of every kind of personal resources and different abilities a complete trip inside a story.
I am not so used to find such experiences in Youtube or other hosting videos in general and I saw it as a wonderful surprise.
It is a great idea to show how strong could be a story, how much it may be real.
All thanks to the capacity and the creativity of a clever narrator.

You can find more information about Jenny Fox Eades on her official website.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bedtime stories by Alice

Today I am very glad to share news about a young storyteller from my country, Italy and her Bedtime Stories (Fiabe della buonanotte).
She is Alice, 21 years old and here is what she says in her Youtube Channel description: I love the stories; so I decided to tell your children the ones that I have fond during my childhood. From 1 January 2016 every night I will read a small excerpt from the book "A year full of stories. 366 nursery rhymes, poems, fairy tales and stories" by Georgie Adams and Selina Young. Hoping to keep company with your little children before bed, I wish you many good nights.
Well, I think she is doing a great work and I think it will be for you a good way to listen and learn Italian with a clever storyteller.
Now, I can only say… have a good night.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Our Stories Untold by Rachel Halder

Okay, this is great.
Do not miss next Rachel Halder’s clips.
Right now in her Youtube Channel you may find five vlogs about Healing from Sexual Abuse.
Time ago, a friend of mine made a public appreciation on a story I wrote saying that it was the words to tell it.
Well, I liked that so much, so it is my turn to share the compliment.
Rachel Halder, with her personal and emotional, simple and at the same time deep way to express things, found the words to tell it on this incredibly tough argument.
In my humble opinion, that is one of the greatest gift of storytelling.
Regardless of what you are, storyteller or just a spectator, if the story is full of noble truth and honest imagination you might get the chance to grow up.
And heal yourself too.

Visit Rachel Halder’s blog Our Stories Untold.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Storytelling with Nature

The Stick People
Well, what a beautiful thing is this video and its message by Marghanita Hughes and her project, Educating the Heart through Nature Art.
I am talking about Storytelling with Nature, a clip where she explain her activities with children.
As I often said, words are important, moreover for a writer and a storyteller.
Marghanita invite you in a beautiful journey, underlying a crucial aspect: we can do this everywhere. Listen, I cannot know where you all live, but this is something magical.
So, we have the invite, the story but where are the characters?
Here are the Stick People, the perfect heroes for the perfect story, because nature is the greatest storyteller and creating stick people we celebrate our different traditions, cultures and faith.
I agree very much with her and I am sure that, after watched her video, you will do the same.

Here is Marghanita Hughes Official Website.

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