Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Storytelling with Nature

The Stick People
Well, what a beautiful thing is this video and its message by Marghanita Hughes and her project, Educating the Heart through Nature Art.
I am talking about Storytelling with Nature, a clip where she explain her activities with children.
As I often said, words are important, moreover for a writer and a storyteller.
Marghanita invite you in a beautiful journey, underlying a crucial aspect: we can do this everywhere. Listen, I cannot know where you all live, but this is something magical.
So, we have the invite, the story but where are the characters?
Here are the Stick People, the perfect heroes for the perfect story, because nature is the greatest storyteller and creating stick people we celebrate our different traditions, cultures and faith.
I agree very much with her and I am sure that, after watched her video, you will do the same.

Here is Marghanita Hughes Official Website.

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