Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Body Storytelling by Moave

Well, I liked very much this video called My Dear, as the shared feelings, given emotions and the idea behind. I think you will agree with me.
This is the clip description by the dancer Nayeli Špela Peterlin: Idea for project Body storytelling came in the period of my life when I was dealing with so much emotional turbulence and deep processing. Dealing with the death of my grandmother was one of the most intense for me. It was a process impossible to run away from or make it end. And as much as I wanted to be over with grieving, body kept on calling me back, to embrace even more of what I wanted to push away. To accept even deeper and to finally find peace.
I think telling stories is a wonderful way to face every aspect of life for what she said.
However, the great news is that you may use everything to do that. You can write as play music, paint or dance, using your body to express what is inside you.
The skin becomes a page, as the muscles and each part of you could be the piano or the guitar.
Art from life itself starts to flow in and from you.
That is the magic.
That is storytelling.

More info:
MOAVE - movement liberates

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