Wednesday, March 16, 2016

First Person Arts StorySlam

Well, this is very beautiful and, in my humble opinion, it does not depends on the value of the stories told during the organized events.
By the way, the value is high, watch the videos, if you do not believe me, but the idea behind the main project is worth the tickets.
And your time too.
Consider for example the Mission of the creative team: First Person Arts transforms the drama of real life into memoir and documentary art to foster appreciation for our unique and shared experiences. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that sharing our stories connects us with each other and the world.
And their Vision: First Person Arts is a platform for artists and everyday people to share the personal stories they must tell now. We will listen to the issues that matter to them and lift up their voices through our programs.
I am astonished by what you may find searching the web. If I could travel more often I would do it, not only to tell stories, but to just travel and meet new worlds.
The First Person Arts aim is perfectly one of the greatest power of storytelling.
I cite just one for all: it transforms the drama of real life.
We live in societies that just do it in every moment of our life and it is rarely for a good reason. That is why we should use the best of us to make this renovation for a better awareness about us and our gifts.
You know it, stories can do it.

Here is First Person Arts Official Website.

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