Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Shark and the Monkey by Bright Hawk

Today I am glad to write something about a very clever artist. I am talking about Bright Hawk.
Words can do a little, when we talk about art. The best way is to see or feel it with your own eyes.
So, take a few minutes to watch this clip where she tells the story of The Shark and the Monkey.
Well, now I think you might agree with me that this video is a perfect example of what a storyteller can do with his voice and hands, with his whole body, with his willing to amuse and playing with the audience, to share emotions and dreams, leading the people to the way to the real treasure at the end of the rainbow.
Not money or gold, just a sense of levity and happiness.
This is what Bright Hawk demonstrates in her work I just saw.

Here is her official website.

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