Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Papua Storyteller

Well, what can I say? I liked very much this, I think it will be the same for you.
This is a true perfect idea of what a video storytelling could do.
The story and the aim are simple as powerful to get.
A very few images, as words to tell the story, to express the dream behind it, to spread the message.
I am talking about this interesting clip by Papua Storyteller.
As I said the plot is unpretentious: a bridge in Indonesia has gone and some people carry a motorcycle by boat.
You know, everybody see what they wanted to see in a story.
The metaphor is one, but the meanings are as many as the minds rethinking about it.
What I see is an artist who wants to get attention for a very important reason.
The moto is a population who still wants to walk.
Who is just helping itself, fighting to survive, but the video is here asking for everybody’s help.
That is a perfect way to speak about human rights.
I suggest you to watch the other videos too.

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