Wednesday, April 13, 2016

StoryPod by Humankind Enterprises

Sophie Weldon, Director of Humankind Enterprises
Today I am glad to share news of the very interesting work by Humankind Enterprises.
I am talking about the project StoryPod: we utilize mobile spaces, events and experiences to capture ideas, opinions and stories that connect people, from the official website.
Well, in my humble opinion, that is a very smart and valuable way to use stories.
I take as example this video they made, Storytelling for change: "People of Golden Plains". Here is the clip description: Humankind Enterprises has partnered with Golden Plains Shire Council to

create the 'People of Golden Plains' campaign. The aim of the campaign is to use stories as a way to bring the community together and to help young people feel connected, heard and celebrated. Golden Plains Shire has many significant challenges that make it hard for the community to connect with one another. The geographical nature of Golden Plains Shire poses significant difficulties for cross generational interaction to occur. There is currently no secondary school so young people have to travel to either Geelong or Ballarat to get their education. This leads to a reduced sense of belonging in their home community and it leads to reduced opportunities for young people to connect and interact with the rest of the community. This lack of interaction and cross generational communication has led to negative stereotypes about young people. Director of Humankind Enterprises, Sophie Weldon, has been working with a youth committee to bring the project together. 'People of Golden Plains' is launching on National Youth Day (April 8th) and the StoryPod video booth will be recording stories of young people at an event on May 13th.
A great power, a good camera and a strong willing to give stories a place to live together, I think you will all agree.
This is exactly what the clever director is doing.
I like very much thinking about stories as a way to connect not just people, but also memories, feelings, places and cultures. All that a community is made of.
So, I believe that Humankind Enterprises people are on the good road.

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