Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What is storytelling?

Today I am glad to share with you a very interesting clip, a sort of brief teaser, but full of answers, as many other questions around the title’s one: Storytelling?
What is it?
The multicultural group of protagonists express their point of view in different languages.
They mention, among many, suspense and feelings, subject and being spontaneous, dialog and attention, characters and being genuine, empathy and message, fairy tale and community, structure and moral, surprise and happy ending.
Well, everybody may find what he wants in a story, the storyteller as the listener.
That is why it is a free, magic and fascinating travel, as Center for Storytelling’s work seems to propose.
From the video’s description: the association is a network of storytelling specialists from science, industry and design. Together we are exploring the field of storytelling. We are planning regular events where we are trying to share the latest findings with exciting presentations.

Here is the Official Website.

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