Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The last Storyteller

Today I am very glad to share an interesting and fascinating video by Adil Lemghari Idrissi from Morocco: the last Storyteller.
From the clip’s description: a documentary about storytelling in Morocco, masters and couple of apprentices trying to preserve this art from fading, they meet twice a week and they take stories from their masters or ‘Maalam’ (wise person), they record them and translate them into French and English; the goal from this initiative to preserve this art and bring it to life again, also share it with other cultures.
Well, I think they did a wonderful work.
People who feel the importance of oral traditions and narrations have a strong important rule in our society using modern ways of sharing information recording them in every way.
That is the best road to understand each other and to build together a safer world.

Here is the official website of the main project, Hikayat Morocco.

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