Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Drugventures video journalism over drug use activism and policy

Well, this is very interesting and beautiful.
I worked for many years using theatre and storytelling in communities for drug addicted patients and I think one of the most important thing is to tell the outside world what happens inside those strange and often unkown places.
As a prison is too, like the girl says in this great video, one I found on this Channel/Project.
In my humble opinion, spreading around pieces of life as those, part of our shared society, most of the time hidden in words and images, forbidden stories just to scare the audience of the already scaring TV News, is a noble intention for a storyteller.
Here are other information from the Youtube Channel: This is an on-going video documentary project over drugs, policies surrounding them and the science behind them. My aim to is to upload videos that would work independently, but also, as a whole, create a first person perspective to the world of drugs and drug policies. The project started last April 2016 when I was visiting New York City for the first time in my life to cover events and interviewing experts surrounding the United Nations General Assembly on the World Drug Issue (UNGASS). I have aimed to always ask permission from people who feature on the footage, but that has not always been possible.
Background of the author: I have two master degrees in social sciences (Sociology&Medical Anthropology) and currently working as a PhD Candidate in Sociology in Finland. Methodologically I´m interested in visual/digital ethnography.

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