Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BedPost Confessions

Well, this is very interesting and a very smart idea. Sharing stories about personal, sexual life, giving chance to people of revealing their secret tales.
Confession is the perfect word, in my humble opinion.
If you think, telling stories in general is a sort of strange kind of confession. You open to audience your imagination and visions for a different world inside the one we live.
Sexy part of it is something we hide, sometimes, so this great project is a way to complete the screen.
From the official website: When sex bloggers Julie Gillis and Sadie Smythe met sex podcaster Mia Martina in the fall of 2010, they envisioned a new kind of show for the Capitol of Live Music: one that explores sex and sexuality through lenses of humor and vulnerability (without sparing any racy details). That show is BedPost Confessions, which merges entertainment, ethics, and education.
I also suggest to watch their videos on the Youtube Channel.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Endangered Language Alliance

Well, this is really something. Looking for storytelling around the world, as I used to do with the double purpose of learning more about this wonderful way of expression and sharing that on this website, I came across Endangered Language Alliance’s Youtube Channel, a non-profit organization dedicated to documenting and maintaining humanity's diverse linguistic heritage.
I think the work they did is wonderful and precious.
What I liked the most, and found more coherent with my job, is the use of dancing, music, storytelling and artistic expression in general as the preferential road to share and preserve traditional languages and cultures.
This is the best way to meet and know each other.
Not a school or a study, even if you can learn and acknowledge a lot listening to others’ stories, but directly experiencing other people’s life from their personal voice.

Official Website: Endangered Language Alliance

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Linkages StoryTime with Oluwatosin Tosinger Taiwo

Well, you know, I ever thought that stories and creativity in general come from a mixture of apparently different and far elements.
Like a blessed, magical potion to transform things in something better.
So, here I am watching "Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky", clip from Linkages StoryTime, the African Experience show with Aunty Tosinger.
You will find a video and a storyteller, a radio station and a musical voice, a bunch of wonderful children and a lady magician, an African artist in Atlanta and, more than all, you will find a story.
You can just listen it without watching the clip and your imagination would easily do the rest.
Because, as I said in the very beginning, there is magic here.

Official website:

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Learn Russian with Storytelling video by Natasha

Okay, I confess: I can’t speak Russian.
So, I did not get any word of her clips, but I think this is a great idea.
I am talking about Learn Russian with Natasha

(with Masha and Maria too, do not forget them).
In the video series you can watch the storyteller telling or reading the story to the young girls and I think we can find a lot of very functional aspects in that.
First of all, you can live the perfect dramatization of the theatre time, with storyteller and audience in the same scene, or video.
Secondly, you can experience the learning of something you don’t know in a greater context, whatever is your age or wherever you live.
Third fact, you can do it wherever you are watching your laptop or smartphone.
The only thing I suggest is to put English subtitles on, the show will be even better.

Well, let's learn Russian!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Glück Workshops with Deborah Rodrigues

Well, sometimes I think that an image, a video without words or other efforts to explain things, are the best way to tell them.
To tell stories, in short.
Take as a perfect example this wonderful clip Storytelling and Character Design in Mbomo, a district in the Cuvette-Ouest Region of western Republic of the Congo, Africa.
Like an exact metonymy, in the sense of ‘a part for the whole thing’, you can get the idea behind the interesting creations by Deborah Rodrigues - aka Tartaruga Feliz, as she writes in her website. I work with Art and technology, she says. Through my explorations in these fields, I bring ideas to my workshops with children, and invite them to participate in this process with me. My workshops explores the intersection of learning, interaction and play as a path to strengthen creativity.
"Intersection of learning", where today I finished myself too.
What about you?

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