Wednesday, November 30, 2016

BedPost Confessions

Well, this is very interesting and a very smart idea. Sharing stories about personal, sexual life, giving chance to people of revealing their secret tales.
Confession is the perfect word, in my humble opinion.
If you think, telling stories in general is a sort of strange kind of confession. You open to audience your imagination and visions for a different world inside the one we live.
Sexy part of it is something we hide, sometimes, so this great project is a way to complete the screen.
From the official website: When sex bloggers Julie Gillis and Sadie Smythe met sex podcaster Mia Martina in the fall of 2010, they envisioned a new kind of show for the Capitol of Live Music: one that explores sex and sexuality through lenses of humor and vulnerability (without sparing any racy details). That show is BedPost Confessions, which merges entertainment, ethics, and education.
I also suggest to watch their videos on the Youtube Channel.

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