Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Glück Workshops with Deborah Rodrigues

Well, sometimes I think that an image, a video without words or other efforts to explain things, are the best way to tell them.
To tell stories, in short.
Take as a perfect example this wonderful clip Storytelling and Character Design in Mbomo, a district in the Cuvette-Ouest Region of western Republic of the Congo, Africa.
Like an exact metonymy, in the sense of ‘a part for the whole thing’, you can get the idea behind the interesting creations by Deborah Rodrigues - aka Tartaruga Feliz, as she writes in her website. I work with Art and technology, she says. Through my explorations in these fields, I bring ideas to my workshops with children, and invite them to participate in this process with me. My workshops explores the intersection of learning, interaction and play as a path to strengthen creativity.
"Intersection of learning", where today I finished myself too.
What about you?

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