Thursday, March 30, 2017

Judith Zhu’s Storytelling Flowers

Well, that is what I used to call the tips for a good storytelling video.
I am talking about last clip by Judith Zhu.
First, you have to catch the audience attention. Not with a silly and dishonest marketing trick, but with an original idea.
As to put the video in horizontal vision, for example.
Second, if you are telling your story on a video, you should use images, action, music. In short, something should happen, but it’s not a movie, you have to simplify the plot in one, two minutes.
That’s exactly what miss Zhu did.
Finally, you have to leave the spectators with questions, not answers, doubts, no certainties. And I have a lot of curiosity about this work of her.
Anyway, here is what video’s description says: Shining love is as bright as flowers. People yearn for love, just like the love of flowers. However, when it comes to love, the pain will follow. In this short video, the actress have had a vigorous love. Looking at these flowers which are the symbol of her love, the struggle feeling came back in her heart. “I love you”, “I hate you” is always like the default of love. Entangled but beautiful.

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