Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Children's Cemetery story by Juliana Marín

Well, that’s great, I have to emphasize it.
I am talking about the double clips that storyteller Juliana Marín made to tell an adaptation of The Seeker, story by Argentinian writer Jorge Bucay.
The title is The Children’s Cemetery and what is Juliana’s simple and genial idea? She told the tale in a real graveyard.
I my humble opinion that’s perfect, it makes the storytelling inevitably realistic and fascinating, using a true scenography as you might see in a movie or a documentary.
But we’re talking about video storytelling, so that’s very natural and logical.
Then, she made two videos, in English and Spanish, both enjoyable by a lot more of people.
Taking care of viewers, showing to know one of the most significant rule in storytelling: the audience is important as much the story is.

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